Peach Lychee Lemonade Syrup

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Honey Peach Lychee | by Honeybee Lemonade Syrups | 8 ounce | Drink Mixer or Topping

A delicately sweet, fragrant and floral flavor.  The natural flavor of lychee is one that lends great taste to the natural peach. The mighty lychee may be small in size, but it’s quite big in flavor. If you’re looking for a flavor that is sophisticated and different, then make sure to try this awesome taste. Peach Lychee Lemonade Syrup is great when paired with sparkling water, white champagne, gin, cognac, bourbon, vodka or as a milkshake. The flavor is sure to brighten up any application. Our product is made with all natural fruit and is gluten-free, and non-GMO. A true party in your mouth!

Ingredients: lychee, peach, lemon juice, honey, organic cane sugar